The Unknown Teritory

I have never feared nor refrained from new and unknown territory. However, like anyone else, familiarity is comforting and easy to accompany. It is human nature to avoid edubirdie reviews and difficult situations. It is commonly known that growth, however, does not happen within comfortable parameters, but rather when new journeys are explored. I have discovered this to be true on many different occasions in my life. My most recent and surprising growth came from stepping outside of my comfort zone into a very unfamiliar career field. This all started when searching for a part-time job while attending Black Hills State University as a full-time student. When looking for part-time employment I kept two things in mind. First I wanted to help people in some way and second, I wanted a job that would work with my college schedule.

I found essay writing services reviews for an industrial-supply distribution company, similar to a hardware store, called Fastenal. This ad highlighted the criteria that I was looking for. Although I had no idea what Fastenal was, I filled out the application and went in for an interview. The manager asked me if I was familiar with Fastenal, I was honest by denying experience and existing knowledge however I stated I was a very quick and willing learner. I was offered the job on the spot and I did not hesitate to accept, as it was a great opportunity for me. My previous edubirdie review work experience included working in the health care field. A move into the industrial field was very new and challenging to me. When I first started at Fastenal I did not know what to expect, but I was excited to learn something new. Some of the job requirements that I dove into on the first few weeks included answering phones, placing orders, and face-to-face interactions with customers. Fastenal ran a small staff, therefore, these tasks were more often than not, performed simultaneously. My previous work experience required me to work quickly under pressure with multiple tasks, so this was not new to me but rather strengthened this skill.

I liked the challenge this job brought with all the new information it presented. My supervisor made note of how quickly and naturally the skills needed for this job came to me. Shortly after starting this position I became comfortable with all the new information and it was not long until I was in the store by myself. When working alone I became very versatile and paid close attention to detail while working at a fast pace. My interpersonal communication skills grew in the sense that I had to learn the right questions to ask customers to ensure ordering the right parts and helping them find what they were looking for. This job was a unique situation for me because I had to learn a lot from the customers due to my unfamiliarity with parts. Every day at this job I can confidently say I learned something new and that was one of my favorite things about it. I did not expect this part-time job to be such an eye-opening experience, and allow me to grow in so many different ways. As my time at Fastenal went on, I was very happy with the increase in responsibilities I gained, which included running the store email, inventory, and running the store by myself. The store manager made a clear point to encourage me to come back after my summer internship. I am able to apply the skills I have gained and enhanced at Fastenal in my personal life and professional career.

This job not only encouraged skill development, but also personal development. I saw how new experiences and unfamiliarity can build and evolve a person first hand. I learned to embrace the unknown and encourage new opportunities. This job allowed me to see the fine workings of a whole new industry. I gained a new respect for people within industrial, sales, and customer service career fields and broadened my perceptions to other fields. This job allowed me to see how much I really do enjoy helping people in any type of setting. In my short 9 months at Fastenal, I built relationships with coworkers and customers that allowed me to be more invested in this job and help to a better extent. I will forever be grateful for this opportunity and time of growth in my life.

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