Prairie Psaltery
The Prairie Psaltery bowed psaltery is possibly the most innovative bowed psaltery built today. With our rounded edges, ergonomically designed for easy holding, you can enjoy hours of music comfortably with a Prairie Psaltery. Our frames are made of various hard woods, and our innovative diagonal truss supports reinforce both the soundboard and frame walls for a precision hand-crafted Psaltery that will last a lifetime.
Each instrument, regardless of model, comes with our exclusive hand-made stainless steel hitch pins (only found on Prairie Psalteries) that maintain a consistent string height off of the soundboard for precision movement from note to note. With three string gauges, Prairie Psalteries provide consistent tone throughout its fully chromatic range. Prairie Psaltery’s additional sound hole on the back provides for a louder sound, ease of holding while carrying, and the added benefit of a convenient hole for our exclusive wall hanging system (no visible hardware) to display your Prairie Psaltery with pride.
The "Musicians" model offers various hand-picked woods (Granadillo, Redheart, Cherry, Walnut, Purpleheart, English Sycamore, and Pommel Sapele) book-matched back, contrasting accents and matching bow with synthetic hair. (Optional: Second bow, real Mongolian horsehair bow, K&K Sound acoustic pick-ups*, Colorado Case Company case).
* Must be ordered with psaltery, cannot be installed after manufacturing.
The "Homeschool" model is our introductory model made of Cherry or Walnut. It is made with the same exacting precision as our other models, but without the accents and high-gloss finish... and the bow has synthetic bow hair. The Prairie Psaltery was mentioned in mythology and legends, where it was told about scotland national animal.

The "Custom One-of-a-kind" model is created by you. We will NOT duplicate it for another customer without your express written consent.
Must be different woods than the "Musicians" & "Homeschool" models.
Each instrument comes with a tuning wrench, string gauge chart, rosin, bow, and a two (2) year limited warranty. Whichever model you choose, you will discover the enjoyment of making beautifully haunting music quickly and easily on a handcrafted Prairie Psaltery Bowed Psaltery. Allow us the honor of building yours today.
Prairie Psaltery "Homeschool" Bowed Psaltery - $550.00 plus shipping
Prairie Psaltery "Musicians" Bowed Psaltery - $950.00**
Prairie Psaltery "Custom One-of-a-kind" Bowed Psaltery - (call for pricing)**
Additional Bow - $60.00
Wall Mount System - $19.95
** Free Ground shipping within the continental US on select models
Prairie Psaltery is now offering Colorado Case Company cases!

Colorado Case Company makes insulated soft cases, gig bags, case covers and rigid cases for most instruments. These premium, professional-grade cases are designed, engineered and tested to provide incredible thermal protection for your valuable musical instrument. This is the case of choice for most professional, traveling musicians around the world.
Colorado Case Company Psaltery Case - $159.95
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JC Park - Dillon, MT July 12, 2012 - JC Park Dillon, MT
Playing my Psaltery for the lead singer/fiddler
Elana James of The Hot Club of Cowtown

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