We live in an age of technological freedom

We live in an age of technological freedom and photography everywhere. Most people carry a smartphone that can record when an event occurs. These videos are often displayed in the news and on the internet. In the area of ​​law enforcement agencies, there is a lot of debate as to whether police need to wear body-mounted cameras so they can record an accident in real time. In Rialto, California, police stations use in-vehicle cameras to keep track of what's happening between government officials and the general public. In the first year of camera introduction, the percentage of officials using force decreased by 60% and citizens' complaints against the police decreased by 88%. (Carroll, Rory)

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The Unknown Teritory

I have never feared nor refrained from new and unknown territory. However, like anyone else, familiarity is comforting and easy to accompany. It is human nature to avoid edubirdie reviews and difficult situations. It is commonly known that growth, however, does not happen within comfortable parameters, but rather when new journeys are explored. I have discovered this to be true on many different occasions in my life. My most recent and surprising growth came from stepping outside of my comfort zone into a very unfamiliar career field. This all started when searching for a part-time job while attending Black Hills State University as a full-time student. When looking for part-time employment I kept two things in mind. First I wanted to help people in some way and second, I wanted a job that would work with my college schedule.

I found essay writing services reviews for an industrial-supply distribution company, similar to a hardware store, called Fastenal. This ad highlighted the criteria that I was looking for. Although I had no idea what Fastenal was, I filled out the application and went in for an interview. The manager asked me if I was familiar with Fastenal..

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